Francis Williams is a character created and portrayed by YouTuber, boogie2988.


Francis is a large overweight man who wears a light blue shirt, he wears glasses, and usually has a beard. Francis can be seen at his camera in his reviewing video games, new game consoles, if anything makes him upset and wants to complain about it, he will review it. Francis also has a lot of technology and he even has a second computer. Francis also loves to drink any type of Mountain Dew. Francis doesn't like to be called- "fat" and or called anything else because of his anger problems. Francis owns a lot of electronics like a XBOX 360, WII, WII U, PS3, iPad, and Nintendo 3DS XL (Limited Edition Pikachu one)


  • We first learn his last name in 'Doritos Prank Call'. He shares his last name with his actor, Steven Williams.
  • Steven has said that he was like Francis in his earlier life, which is very understandable due to the fact that he was abused.